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2019 Sargent Shriver Youth Warriors Against Poverty Award


On behalf of The Fresno Center (TFC), I want to congratulate Nouchee Sunshine Moua for being selected as a recipient of the Marguerite Casey Foundation’s 2019 Sargent Shriver Youth Warriors Against Poverty Award.

As the Chief Executive Officer of TFC, I can honestly say that very few young professionals have received my endorsement as a community trailblazer. Ms. Moua most certainly does and, in fact, stands alone as the single most dedicated and passionate community advocate and young professional with whom I have ever worked. I’m thrilled to take this opportunity to share why I hold her in such high regard. Ms. Moua has been a great asset for both our organization and the community.

Ms. Moua has demonstrated great passion and commitment by helping over 300 families and children and dozens of community-based organizations.  She is generous with her time, donating countless hours to volunteer at our monthly food distribution, Thanksgiving Dinner, and various Hmong community events. Ms. Moua also sang and fundraised for our organization during the Hmong International New Year. She has also been instrumental in canvassing for many local and regional political campaigns; many of the candidates that she served were elected into office.  

In addition to her community involvement and civic engagement, Ms. Moua is the first child in her family to attend the Leon S. Peters Honors Program at Fresno City College, a program that provides an enriched educational experience to recognize and meet the needs of academically excellent students. The program has challenged her to expand her vision, knowledge, leadership skills, and experience to further her career and professional interests.  Her commitment to her education as the oldest of four children, to Pai and Ger Moua, will set the example for her siblings. She is a pioneer and a community trailblazer for her family and other young professionals. 

Ms. Moua’s overall intelligence and humble nature is reflected in her love for community and in her aspirations.  In 2018, Ms. Moua entered her pictures of community in the Asians in the City booklet which is published, each spring semester, to showcase the work of students in the genres of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, and two-dimensional art.  As a result, two of her photos were published to promote multi-culture awareness and education. 

As I got to know Ms. Moua more deeply, through her mother, Pai Yang, a TFC board member, I became even more impressed by the full range of her contributions, abilities and interests.  Ms. Moua has proven herself to have the patience, perseverance, initiative, and humility to truly help others. Her cheerful disposition and positive outlook on life, coupled with her community involvement at the local, regional, and state level, show her potential for becoming a great civic leader capable of introducing new cultural practices and resources and to create positive change.

Once again, Congratulations on receiving this award!

Pao Yang

Chief Executive Officer – The Fresno Center