Thanksgiving Dinner Fundraiser

Celebrating our community and services


We are excited you will be a part of this event! Your contribution will ensure that your community will continue to have access to resources that are normally hard to come by. 

For more than 27 years, The Fresno Center (TFC) has maintained our legacy of providing a myriad of services to equip individuals with the skills and tools they need to become self-sufficient, self-fulfilled and productive members of the community. We foster cultural preservation and promote cross cultural understanding. Our staff represents 7 different ethnic groups and speaks 8 different languages, allowing us to serve those who are traditionally underserved.

Each year, we put together a Thanksgiving dinner, which help fund and enable us to continue to provide the following services to more than 16,500 families.

Come make this day extra memorable and join us in celebrating the work that we’ve done and accomplished. Click on this link to watch a 2-minute video, which tells a story of a veteran who we helped overcome suicide. 


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