About the Program

The California Reducing Disparities Project (CRDP) is funded by the Mental Health Services Act of 2004 to provide culturally and linguistically competent prevention and early intervention services. The focus is to create an improved health system that is accessible to all populations, including under served and vulnerable communities.

Melanie Vang

Program Manager


The California Reducing Disparities Project (CRDP) - Hmong Helping Hands (HHH) intervention is a direct prevention and early intervention program that aims to reduce depression, anxiety, and acculturation issues in Hmong adults and elders by improving their physical, psychological, social, and spiritual well-being and increasing their knowledge/awareness of mental health issues.


Staff Contacts:

Dr. Ghia Xiong, ghiaxiong@fresnocenter.org

Melanie Vang, melanie@fresnocenter.org