Cross Cultural


The Fresno Center is an expert in cross-cultural service delivery. We can assist educators, health care professionals, government agencies, and businesses with building cross cultural competency and interpreting services.

  •  The responsibility of cross-cultural training consultants is to provide information, strategies, insights, ideas, and perspectives through personal experiences. Their expertise in a specific culture or region of the world allows them to deliver training programs based upon the needs of their clients.
  •  Cross Cultural Interpreting Services are available specializing in interpretation and translation services. 

Cross-cultural competence refers to your ability to understand people from different cultures and engage with them effectively. Having cross-cultural competence means you can be effective in your interactions with people from most any culture.

The Fresno Center offers of 20 different supportive services in 7 languages. Our diverse staff represents the ethnic complexion of our community in Fresno. We serve African-American. Cambodian, Hmong, Lao, Latino, and Punjabi which helps foster cultural preservation and promote cross-cultural understanding. 

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