The Living Well Program

About the Program

The Living Well Program provides culturally linguistic mental health services to members of the Southeast Asian community. The Living Well Program is also a Mental Health training site that specializes in training bicultural and bilingual Southeast Asian mental health clinicians. 

Dr. Ghia Xiong

Program Director

Living Well Program / Chaw Kaj Siab

Program Information



The Living Well Program at The Fresno Center is an organizational provider with the Fresno County Mental Health Plan to provide culturally competent and linguistically accessible outpatient specialty mental health services. It is staffed with culturally and linguistically capable and qualified mental health practitioners and staff to provide outpatient specialty mental health services to Southeast Asian (SEA) consumers with mild to moderate mentally ill conditions. 

In addition, LWP maintains a mental health clinical training program for SEA post-master interns and graduate students. The purpose of the training program is to increase the number of licensed SEA mental health professionals to provide culturally and linguistic mental health services for those who are of Hmong, Laotian, Vietnamese or Cambodian descents.



Consumers: One hundred twenty adults (120), ages 18-59, and older adults (age 59 & older), who are of Southeast Asian (SEA) descents.

Interns/Students: Graduate students in social work, counseling, marriage and family therapy, or other related psychology field. 



· Clinical mental health services driven by culturally sensitive approaches : Individual Psychotherapy, Group Psychotherapy, Individual Rehabilitation Services, Group Rehabilitation Services, collateral services, and clinical case management and other supportive services. 

· Provide a clinical training site that will provide qualified and supervised training to SEA post-master interns, to secure required hours necessary for completion of the State licensing examination and for SEA graduate students to fulfill degree requirements in the field of mental health or social work.

· Provide cross-cultural training on with Southeast Asian patients


· Individuals over the age of 18

· Referral priority will be given to the API Program-Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health

· Referral from an organization, friend, relative, or self-referred

Chaw Kaj Siab


Yam Kev Pab Dabtsi Peb Muaj Pab?

Pab daws koj txoj kev nyuaj siab los ntawm: Nrog koj tham ib leeg, nyob ua ib pab sib tham ua ke, Nrog koj tham qhia tswv yim, nyob ua ib pab sib tawm/sib kawm tswv yim ua ke, pab lwm tus neeg kom los pab tau koj, thiab kev ua ntaub ntawv pab thiab lwm yam kev txhawb. 

Tsim ib txoj kev cob qhia kawm rau tej tub ntxhais kawm ntawv qeb siab los mus kawm pab cov neeg muaj kev nyuaj siab; kom cov tub/ntxhais kawm tiav lawv cov xuab moom yuav mus xeem license thiab kom tiav lawv txoj kev kawm kom tau lawv daim degree. 

Muab kev cob qhia rau lwm cov tib neeg hais txog los ua haujlwm pab rau cov neeg Hmoob, Nplog, thiab Qhab meem. 


Leej twg thiaj li txais tau txoj kev pab no & mus nrhiav kev pab li cas:

· Neeg Es-Xias Tawg Rog uas hnub nyoog tshaj 18 xyoo

· Cov neeg muab npe los ntawm nroog Fresno Department of Behavioral Health qhov API program yuav tau raug txais ua ntej.

· Muab npe los ntawm lwm lub koos haum, ib tug phooj ywg, ib tug kwv tij, LOS YOG ib tug neeg tuaj nrhiav kev pab.

Yog xav paub nxtiv thov hu rau: Susan Chue  (559)255-8395 Ext243