Our Core Values

  The Fresno Center is proactive and values partnerships with health professionals, educational institutions, elected officials, public service providers, and private foundations. One such notable relationship is our collaborative research on Hmong health in the Central Valley with Dr. Peter Kunstadter of UC San Francisco. TFC has been consistently funded by Fresno County to provide refugee and employment services based on its linguistic and cultural competency. Private foundations have selected TFC as a local grantee to deliver health education, civic services, advocacy, and leadership development.

TFC is highly sought for its cross-cultural expertise in the areas of health, law, and social integration. The organization continues to provide services in employment, citizenship, leadership, networking, mental health, research, and advocacy. These services serve as the foundation of the organization as we transition refugees to become new Americans. TFC will continue to evolve to address the changing needs of new Americans through civic engagement, voting registration, and personal empowerment.