Executive Team

Pao Yang

 Chief Executive Officer 

Dr. Ghia Xiong, Psy.D.

Program Director of the Living Well Center

Christina Alejo

Program Director of The Holistic Cultural Education and Wellness Center

Jensen Vang

 Development and Finance Director 

Cheng Vang, Ph.D.

Program Director of Welfare to Work

Amee Moua

Human Resource Manager

The Fresno Center Staff

Administration & Finance

Sheng V Lee, Office Manager

Be Her, Accountant Supervisor

Cederila Vang, Administrative Assistant / Finance Assistant*

Samantha An, Bookkeeper

Tia Vang, Bookkeeper

Panda Vang, Receptionist

Daisy Arambula, Receptionist

Tou G. Yang, Program Network and Support Specialist

Katherine C. Lee, Planning Department



Porchoua Her, Program Manager

Pamee Yang, Project Coordinator*

Esmeralda Chavez,  Community Outreach Coordinator 

Tinna Phomphiphak, Community Outreach Activist

Sokserey Choup, Community Outreach Activist

Living Well Center

Ze Vang, LMFT, Clinical Supervisor

Michael Thao, M.D., Medical Director / Psychiatrist

Anthony Yamamoto, LMSW, Clinical Supervisor

Valerie Forward, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

Jeff H. Xiong, MS, Rehabilitation Services Supervisor

Mary Vang, LMFT, Licensed Clinician

Susan Chue, Medical Biller / Case Manager

Pang Vue, MS, Rehab Counselor

Daisy Vang, MSW, Unlicensed Clinician

Sai Vang, MSW, Unlicensed Clinician

Ka Yeng Lee, APCC, Unlicensed Clinician

Arick Xiong, AMFT, Unlicensed Clinician 

Lynn C. Giusti, ASW, Unlicensed Clinician

Maynong Lee, APCC,  Unlicensed Clinician

Sandy Ounmano, Case Manager /  Personal Service Coordinator 

Bao Moua, Case Manager /  Personal Service Coordinator 

Chee Vang, Case Manager /  Personal Service Coordinator

Pahoua Yang, Case Manager /  Personal Service Coordinator

MaiGe Xiong, Case Manager /  Peer Support Specialist 

Franklin Yang, Peer Support Specialist

Welfare to Work Mental Health Employability Services 

Lang Fang, LCSW, Licensed Supervisor 

Phaly Khoun , LCSW, Licensed Supervisor 

LaTasha Jones, MSW, Associate Clinical Social Worker 

Marisol Zamora, MSW, Associate Clinical Social Worker 

Wesley Yang, MFCC,  Associate Marriage Family Therapist 

Xang Yang, MFCC, Associate Marriage Family Therapist

Joshua Thao, MS, Case Manager

Ana Delores, MS, Case Manager

Enrique Solorio, BA, Case Manager

Genaro Sauceda, BA, Case Manager

LaMonica Hall, BS, Case Manager

Merry Lee, BA, Case Manager

Rachel Ochoa, MS, Case Manager

Choua Wendy Yang, BA, Case Manager

Yvette Rodriguez, BA, Case Manager

Carly Gulberg, Peer Specialist

Ngia Yang, Peer Specialist

Sabrina Syvankham, Peer Specialist

Fumeng Jimmy Fang, Program Data Specialist

AmeriCorps  Listos California

Cheri L. Cruz, Program Supervisor

California Reducing Disparity Project

Melanie Vang, Program Manager

May Vang, Research Associate

CVRC Latino and Southeast Asian Navigators

Lysing Prathammavong, SEA Navigator*

Rosa E. Cabrera, Latino Navigator

Rose Vang, SEA Navigator*

Samnang Hang, SEA Navigator*

Grid Solar and Job Development

Pao Houa Lee, Job Developer*

Holistic Cultural Education and Wellness Center

Devoya Mayo, Cultural Broker & Trainer

Brianna M Alston, Cultural Broker

Veronica Bautista, Childcare Provider*

Ana Maria Cuellar Ferradas, Cultural Broker

Ninfa E. Gordoa, Cultural Broker

Jasmin Ochoa-Valdez, Childcare Provider

DIa Yang, Cultural Broker

Samnang Heng, Cultural Broker

Kou Y. Her, Gardner & Maintenance*

Lysing Prathammavong, Cultural Broker*

Raquel Anaya De Tapetillo, Childcare Provider

Neighborhood Resource Center

Cyndee Loryang, Senior Program Coordinator*

Parent University

Xee Xiong, Community Outreach Coordinator  


Pamee Yang, Project Coordinator * 

Veronica Bautista, Community Outreach Activities*

Xee Xiong, Community Outreach Coordinator*

Cyndee Loryang, Senior Program Coordinator*