The Fresno Center Staff

A Message From Our Executive Director

Pao Yang

My name is Pao Yang and I am the new Executive Director at

The Fresno Center – formerly Fresno Center for New Americans.

I am honored to be in a position to serve and provide a voice.

The Fresno Center belongs to the community and is here to

serve you. I look forward to engaging with you and cordially 

invite you to visit me at our office.

Main Office Staff

Pao Yang

Exeutive Director

Dr. Ghia Xiong, Psy.D.

Program Director of the Living Well Porgram

Christina Alejo

Program Director of The Holistic Cultural and Education Wellness Center

Sheng Lee

Office Manager

Samantha An


Sandie Vang

Executive Assistant

New Americans Programs

Porchoua Her

Program Coordinator

Cyndee Loryang

Project Coordinator

Pamee Yang

Project Coordinator

Xee Xiong

Community Outreach Coordinator

Nu Vang

Community Outreach Advocate

Melanie Vang

Program Manager

Sokserey Choup

Community Outreach Activist

Naven Vang

Gardner & Maintenance

Kalia Lor

Education Coach

Veronica Bautista

 Community Outreach Specialist 

Living Well Program

Dr. Valerie Forward, PHD

Licensed Psychologist

Arick Xiong, MS

Rehab Counselor

Lang Fang, MSW, ASW

Unlicensed Clinician I

Pa Houa Yang

Peer Specialist

Rose Vang

Case Manager & Biller

Maynong Lee, MS, PCCI

Rehab Counselor

Lynn C. Vonn, MSW, ASW

Unlicensed Clicnician I

Pang Vue, MS

Rehab Counselor

Susan Chue

Peer Specialist

Tejal Petel, MS, LMFT

Clinical Supervisor

Anthony Yamamoto, ASW, LCSW

Licensed Clinician

Mary Vang, MS, MFT

Unlicensed Clinician I

Holistic Cultural and Education Wellness Center

Devoya Mayo

Cultural Broker II & Curriculum Trainer

Dia Yang

Cultural Broker II

Samnang Heng

Cultural Broker II

Lysing Prathammavong

Cultural Broker II

Harmit Kaur

Cultural Broker I

Ana Marie Cuellar

Cultural Broker II

Valery Huerta

Cultural Broker I & Health Information Data Associate 

Jennifer Saldivar

Cultural Broker II

Ninfa Gordoa

Cultural Broker I & Spanish Curriculum Coordinator

Dr. Kenneth Lee

Cultural Broker I & Hmong Curriculum Coordinator