About the Program

The Building Healthy Community (BHC) Southeast Asian Parent Engagement Project goal is to help improve 

educational opportunities of Southeast Asian (Hmong, Lao, Cambodian) students and families, within Fresno Unified School District; Through family engagement and empowerment. The framework of this project is to increase the awareness of Southeast Asian parents by engaging them in their children's academic achievements and advocate for a positive and productive environment of a school setting to support students towards graduation.

Cyndee Loryang

Project Coordinator


Building Healthy Community Prevention Action Team

Program Information


Building Healthy Communities (BHC): Staff member is part of the Prevention Action Team (PAT), which is one team out of four in the BHC Coalition. The others include Neighbors Action Team, Schools Action Team, and Boy and Men of Color Action Team. Our overarching mission is to create #OneHealthyFresno through having green spaces (parks) available for residents, ensuring public participation in our public schools, and investing back into our youths to teach them out to use their voices to be heard. 

The PAT Team's mission is #Health4All. We have championed several health issues in order to allow residents to have access to equal healthcare services regardless of their legal status. 

One example of a win last year is in May when we celebrated the win of #Health4Kids as SB 75 came into law that allowed Full-Scope Medical to all kids under the age of 19, regardless of their legal status. Children that were receiving Restricted Medical now have been transitioned into Full Scope Medical and others can apply for it.

One of the issues the PAT Team is working on is championing the ACA. Currently, there are plans to remove the ACA what would harm the most vulnerable populations in our community and limit or wipe out their access to affordable healthcare services. FCNA has been engaged with BHC to advocate and protect this. Besides that, we have also been joining hands with SEARAC, located in Sacramento and the Having Our Say Coalition with partners from all over California to get the word out about policies and strategies to protect the ACA and keep affordable healthcare for all Americans. This has recently included an interview with ABC 30 on the impacts if Medical or health insurance plans through Covered California were taken away. Also, we were able to have our Letter to the Editor published on the Fresno Bee website and on print. Staff members along with our partners at BHC also attended an ACA Workshop held by Congressman Jim Costa at Madera Community College to offer our expert opinions on the state of the ACA and to voice our concerns from our residents to better help the Congressman on his decision about the new proposal. 


Medical Outreach, Education, and Enrollment: Staff member constantly speaking on various media platforms to educate the community about the importance of enrollment, eligibility requirements for the program, issues that come up with enrolling, the importance of preventing a serious health issue through regular checkups, and other local and national issues around Medical. On a daily basis, staff on the Prevention Action Team answers calls for residents, directly assists clients with enrolling into Medical and Calfresh (Foodstamps) with Fresno County Department of Social Services, filling out or directing clients with their annual and yearly renewal packets. Besides that, staff members are actively engaged with the local media outlets to educate the public including at KBIF 900 AM, Hmong TV, Hmong USA TV, ABC 30, KSEE 24 and the Fresno Bee. 

We believe that the first step to keeping people healthy is to enroll them into a healthcare plan so they have insurance to cover the costs and then keeping them enrolled after the applications has been submitted. The next step is encouraging the clients to utilize the medical services before any major health issues occur in order to catch and or prevent health issues. 

Staff member is a certified enrollment counselor with Covered California. The staff  assists community members with enrollment through the Marketplace to decide which health plan they qualify for and what tax credits they are eligible for. The staff also does case management for the clients throughout the year and assists with their issues. 


BHC Prevention Action Team Summary

The Southeast Asian Building Healthy Communities Prevention Action Team’s mission is to advocate for policies and system practices that provide #Health4All to all residents. The team’s goal is that all residents, regardless of immigration status, have access to affordable health care services and coverage. The PAT Team continues the fight to at the local, state, and federal level to educate the community, key stake, key stakeholders, and decision makers about the detrimental impacts local (state & county) and federal health care reforms will have on our residents/valley. This program aims to educate and empower Southeast Asian residents to become leaders and advocates in their communities as well as provide a platform to uplift their voices. 

School Action Team

About Fresno Building Healthy Community:


Fresno Building Healthy Communities is a coalition of community, organizations, faith base organizations, residents, and youth working together to create #OneHealthyFresno where all children and families can live healthy, safe, and productive lives.

School Action Team:

Together with Southeast Asian parents and youth, we advocate for changes in our education system. 

We are advocating for the district to:

Increase investment for high need students- Low Income, English Language Learner, and foster youth.

  • Provide meaningful parent engagement strategies so that parents can support their children and become a true partner with their schools.
  • Provide a welcoming environment such as Student Relationship Center School, to support youth and their families in order to help students succeed and graduate.

If you want to learn more or want to become an advocate, please contact: 

Cyndee Loryang, klor@fresnocenter.orgor (559) 255-8395.