Inspire. Empower. Cultivate.

Our Values: Inspire, Empower, Cultivate

Today, more than ever, we need to work differently. Together we can find better ways of thinking that lead to better ways of creating positive change. The Inspiring Communities approach focuses on taking the time to develop trusted relationships, from which real change can grow.


The issues we tackle are complex and cannot be solved by any one person, group or sector. We work with others whenever possible.


We believe in respectful engagement by nurturing diversity and celebrating existing community strengths. We embrace an equity-driven approach as we look for meaningful solutions to closing opportunity gaps in the pursuit of social inclusion.


We believe that all communities have a wealth of assets and we work through a lens of abundance – not scarcity. By connecting and amplifying existing efforts, and supporting new ways of working, we can increase our collective resources and impact.


We go slow to go far. We know that the change that is needed will rely on trusted relationships.


Real change requires an openness to trying new things. We believe in careful experimentation and investing in learning along the way – in terms of what works well, and what doesn’t.

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