The Fresno Center's Staff


Pao Yang

President & CEO

Cheri Cruz

Program Director, Special Projects & Public Relations

Jensen Vang

Chief Financial Officer/Chief Development Officer

Amee Moua

Director of Human Resources

Dr. Ghia Xiong

Director, Living Well Center & CRDP

Christina Alejo

Director, Holistic Cultural Education and Education Wellness Center & CVRC & CBANS

Porchoua Her

Program Manager, Immigration Services

Pang Vue

Program Director, Adult Day Healthcare Center

Dr. Michael Thao

Program Director, Psychiatric Services/Welfare to Work, ADHC

Roshonda Cureton

Program Director, Welfare To Work Mental Health Employability Services

California Reducing Disparity Project

Melanie Vang

Program Manager

AmeriCorps Access to Cultural Healthcare

Veronica Thao

Program Manager


Dao Lor

Program Coordinator Supervisor

Stop the Hate

Cyndee K. Loryang

Program Manager


Chai Vang

Program Manager

Parent University

Maiyeng Xiong

Program Supervisor

Emergency Rental Assistance

Pamee Yang

Program Supervisor