AmeriCorps Graduation Access to Cultural Healthcare


Graduation Ceremony

Saturday, June 24th, 2022 – The Fresno Center’s AmeriCorps Access to Cultural Healthcare (ACH) cohort #3 celebrated its graduation ceremony. Each volunteer member completed a total of 1700 service hours and by doing so has granted each member a Scholarship up to $10,000 in support of their education.

A year of service that includes beautifying Fresno, hosting Preventative Care Events (PCE) workshops, and helping the Fresno community with TFC’s own programs.



Volunteer Members

AmeriCorps Access to Cultural Healthcare cohort #3

Veronica Thao, Program Manager  |  Nathan Yang, Program Assistant

Volunteer Members:

Alan Vang, Annie Her, Benjamin Yang, Chelsea Lor, Courtney Yang, Davyian Vang, Ka Zoua Xiong, Lee Vang, Meneu Yang, Natalyn Yang, Peter Yang, Phalen Vang, Pheng Lee, Princes Her, Sean Yang, Shua Xiong, Thao Yang, & Valerie Vang.