$1.5 million grant for The Fresno Center to support Mental Health Services

Press Release Date:
Jan 24, 2023

On Monday morning, January 24th, 2023, The Fresno Center held a press conference to address Congressman Jim Costa’s $1.5 million in funding to support The Fresno Center in Mental Health Services in Central California.

“It’s about time that we recognize it and provide the sort of mental health care that is so necessary and missing in so many communities.” Costa said.

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The AAPI Community is in shocked after multiple mass shootings during the Lunar New Year. Circumstances like this are the reason mental health services are needed to be taken seriously. With the funding of $1.5 million, The Fresno Center hopes to assert the mental health crisis and prevent future acts of violence.

“This is a time when we celebrate. This is a time we enjoy the festivities with our family. We celebrate the new year, the Lunar New Year. Work with our community to really see what’s going on, let’s prevent instead of react. And I think right now we’re reacting. We’re reacting to a lot of things we can’t prevent,” said Yang.

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