Fresno HOPE

Fresno Health Outreach Prevention Equity


Fresno HOPE (Health, Outreach, Prevention, Equity) is the most recent initiative launched by FCHIP in February 2022 with large support from the Fresno County Department of Public Health. The Fresno HOPE Pathways Community HUB (Fresno HOPE PCH) is a network of Care Coordination Agencies focused on synchronizing resources to mitigate health disparities in Fresno County.

By collaborating with seven community-based organizations, Fresno HOPE seeks to implement a transformative model to address our communities’ healthcare inequities by empowering our local Community Health Workers.

Care Coordination Agencies hire local Community Health Workers (CHWs) to diminish linguistic and cultural barriers and improve health within their communities. The evidenced-based Pathways Community HUB InstituteSM Model encourages CHWs to perform services until completion and cultivate compelling data to identify and transform specific health barriers in the community.

Local Community Health Workers provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services that reflect our diverse population in Fresno County. Using the PCH model, CHWs offer families the opportunity to be decision-makers in their own health outcomes by guiding them through identifying risks and choosing the appropriate social, mental health, and medical services resources to remove barriers to health.


If you or anyone you know is interested in our services, please don’t hesitate to contact The Fresno Center at 559-255-8359.